7 Spot Pottery is a 250sq.ft ceramic studio set up by Pascal Nichols for his own ceramic practice and for others to learn and make ceramic art.

Pascal currently runs open sessions, courses and bespoke workshops at the studio.



Studio equipment includes: 23 litre, Top-loading electric kiln, Extruder, 2 potters wheels, handbuilding tools.



click the link above for details.



Wednesday 1pm-4pm, Thursday 1pm-4pm Sunday 11am-2pm

Cost                             (per calendar month):

1 session, £20                 4 sessions, £60              8 sessions,  £100

(please email/fb message before showing up as space is limited and session times may be subject to change)

Open sessions are for people who already have experience of making ceramics, and can work safely and confidently without support.

Sessions are 3 hours, and include access to all studio equipment and materials.

Clay must be purchased up-front from Pascal, which includes price of bisque firing, glaze firing and associated materials (£4 per kilo of fresh clay).

Additional support (1:1 tutorial) can be purchased separately, £15 for 30 mins technical support and advice, useful as a consultation for a new project etc.



I offer private classes for individuals and or small groups. The theme/content can be agreed beforehand. Please get in touch if interested. Rates below:

1 person

3hrs = £75                   full day = £125

2 people                    (cost per person)

3hrs = £60                      full day = £100

3-6 people                (cost per person)

3hrs = £50                  full day = £80



Pascal Nichols has a BA(hons) in Ceramics, and PGCE in Secondary Art & Design.

Pascal has taught ceramics at Primary, secondary and FE level since 2010, and has run many recreational and private workshops during this time.

Pascal continues his own art practice in ceramics and has exhibited and sold work internationally. For more info, see pascalnichols.org